Notevenalphayet: stage 1
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Notevenalphayet: stage 1

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Descrição: You're looking for a Safe that contains a thingy you need. Once you reach the Evil Scary Boss the game is pretty much over xD (so quit it yourself).- This is a project we've been developing for over 3 months now. We learned how to use construct 2 on the way, and we still have a long, long way to go. It doesn't have any artwork, animations or sound yet, but it will soon! We're working on it! The stage is not really completed but you can already play it pretty much as intended. Except for the Boss that I'm still making on (It's giving me headaches). This will be the first of 3 stages similar to this one. It will also have dialog "metal gear" style.
Instruções: [A]&[D] to move sideways. [SPACE] to jump. Once you get the Gun: [Left click] to shoot. [right click] to use the shield. the [W] key is used for interaction. You can also use [Shift] to run or walk backwards. (It's tricky, I know)
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