Space in fact
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Space in fact

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Categoria: Tiro
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Descrição: My first game after the tutorials. It gets more challenging as your points increase. And it is even possible to beat this game, that means this is not a "survival shooter". Look at instructions for further information. Hope you enjoy! ps: please don't hesitate to report bugs, to give game balance advices or any other suggestions.
Instruções: [space] to shoot [left arrow] to steer left [right arrow] to steer right [P] to pause [R] to restart Your ammo is limited but you'll get more rockets as long as you destroy asteroids or some enemies(UFOs or Spikeys) You can also increase your health by destroying Red enemies (1health/1red enemy) Bug enemy costs 3 health on collision with player while Red enemy and asteroids cost just 1 hp. One important not: every enemy is destroyable (but they may have different hitpoints) EXCEPT the Bladers (you will know them when you see them). And they cause a sudden death if you touch them! Spikeys cause sudden death too. But they are pretty slow and destroyable. Game will be beaten when you destroy 7 UFOs.
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